DKIM Record Splitter

Splitting long DKIM records has never been easier! Try our free tool to effortlessly divide lengthy DKIM records,

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What is a DKIM record?

DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) is an email authentication protocol that helps protect against email spoofing and phishing. It works by adding a digital signature to your emails, verifying that they actually come from your domain.

Why does the length matter?

DKIM records often exceed the 255 character limit imposed by certain DNS providers. This can lead to errors and prevent your DKIM authentication from working properly.

How does the splitter work?

Our free DKIM record splitter simplifies the process by automatically splitting your long DKIM record into multiple 255-character segments, ensuring compatibility with all DNS providers. Simply paste your DKIM record into the tool, and it will do the rest, providing you with the correctly formatted records ready to be added to your DNS settings.

Benefits of using the splitter:

  • Quick and easy: Saves you time and frustration by automatically splitting your DKIM record.
  • Compatible with all DNS providers: Works seamlessly with any DNS provider, regardless of character limits.
  • Accurate and reliable: Ensures your DKIM record is formatted correctly for optimal email authentication.