Multi Domain (SAN) SSL Certificate Price Comparison - January 2023

Multi-Domain SSL certificates allow you to secure multiple domains with a single certificate. This makes management over your web properties easy. It’s also a money saver. Buying a multi-domain SSL certificate is much more affordable than buying multiple SSL certificates

Billing Period
SSL Type
StoreNameValidationEncryptionSigned ByPriceTotal
PositiveSSL Multi-DomainDV256Comodo $17.88 $89.40
PostiveSSL Multi-DomainDV256Comodo $17.99 $89.95
Positive Multi-DomainDV256Comodo $18.02 $90.10
PositiveSSL Multi-DomainDV256Comodo $18.81 $94.05
PositiveSSL Multi-DomainDV256Comodo $21.60 $108.00
PositiveSSL Multi-DomainDV256Comodo $30.00 $150.00
Multi DomainDV256Sectigo $33.00 $165.00
Standard Multi-DomainDV256Sectigo $42.00 $42.00
PositiveSSL SANDV256 $47.99 $47.99
Unified CommunicationsOV256Comodo $54.88 $274.40
Unified CommunicationsOV256Comodo $56.88 $284.40
Comodo UCC SSLDV256Comodo $60.00 $300.00
Comodo UCC SSLDV256Comodo $63.92 $319.60
PositiveSSL MultidomainDV256Sectigo $65.50 $131.00
Multi-Domain SSLDV256GoGetSSL $72.00 $360.00
Public IP SANDV256GoGetSSL $72.00 $360.00
Multi-Domain OV SSLOV256Sectigo $73.70 $368.50
Multi-Domain DV SSLDV256Sectigo $73.70 $368.50
Multi-Domain OVOV256Sectigo $73.70 $368.50
Multi-Domain SSLOV256Comodo $76.88 $384.40
Multi-Domain SSLOV256Comodo $76.88 $384.40
QuickSSL Premium Multi-DomainDV256GeoTrust $92.82 $464.10
EV Multi-Domain SSLEV256Comodo $92.88 $464.40
Comodo Multi-DomainDV256Comodo $93.30 $466.50
UCC SSL DVDV256Sectigo $94.29 $471.45
Multi Domain OV SSLOV256Sectigo $95.08 $475.40
QuickSSL Premium Multi-DomainDV256GeoTrust $95.90 $479.50
Multi-Domain SSLOV256Sectigo $96.43 $482.15
QuickSSL PremiumDV256GeoTrust $96.55 $482.75
EV Multi-DomainEV256Comodo $99.99 $499.95
UCC SSL OVOV256Sectigo $103.32 $516.60
PositiveSSL Multi-DomainDV256Sectigo $108.44 $542.20
Professional Multi-DomainDV256Sectigo $112.00 $112.00
EV Multi-DomainEV256Comodo $112.50 $225.00
Comodo DV UCCDV256Comodo $116.82 $584.10
Multi-Domain SSLOV256Comodo $116.82 $584.10
PositiveSSL Multi-Domain WildcardDV256Comodo $120.00 $600.00
Multi-Domain OVOV256GeoTrust $127.20 $636.00
Postive Multi-Domain WildcardEV256Sectigo $128.14 $512.56
PositiveSSL EV Multi-DomainEV256Comodo $128.18 $640.90
PositiveSSL EV Multi-DomainEV256Comodo $129.05 $645.25
PositiveSSL EV MDCEV256Sectigo $135.76 $678.80
EV Multi-DomainEV256Sectigo $144.00 $720.00
BusinessTrust SANOV256GoGetSSL $144.00 $720.00
Positive Multi-Domain WildcardDV256Comodo $148.18 $740.90
PositiveSSL Multi-Domain WildcardDV256Comodo $154.19 $616.76
TBID EV Multi-DomainEV256GeoTrust $184.85 $924.25
TBID EV Multi-DomainEV256GeoTrust $184.85 $924.25
PositiveSSL Multi WildcardDV256Sectigo $199.49 $997.45
Comodo EV Multi-DomainEV256Comodo $203.83 $1019.15
EV SSL Multi-DomainEV256Sectigo $203.83 $1019.15
EV Multi-Domain SSLEV256Comodo $203.83 $1019.15
True BusinessID SANOV256GeoTrust $222.28 $1111.40
BusinessTrust EV SANEV256GoGetSSL $224.00 $1120.00
EV Multi-DomainEV256Sectigo $224.00 $224.00
Multi-Domain WildcardDV256Sectigo $226.58 $1132.90
Sectigo Multi-Domain OVOV256Sectigo $226.58 $1132.90
Unified Communications Multi-Domain WIldcardOV256Comodo $226.58 $1132.90
EV Multi-DomainEV256Comodo $227.35 $1136.75
Multi-Domain SSLOV256GeoTrust $229.05 $458.10
EV Multi-Domain SSLEV256Sectigo $239.98 $1199.90
TrueBusinessID SANOV256GeoTrust $249.00 $249.00
Multi-Domain WildcardOV256Comodo $250.10 $1250.50
Comodo Multi-Domain WildcardOV256Comodo $265.78 $1328.90
Comodo UCC WIldcardOV256Comodo $265.78 $1328.90
Multi Domain Wildcard DVDV256Sectigo $271.20 $1356.00
Multi-Domain SSLOV256Digicert $275.08 $1375.40
Multi-Domain WildcardOV256Sectigo $278.97 $1394.85
Multi Domain Wildcard OVOV256Sectigo $279.20 $1396.00
TrueBusinessID EV Multi-DomainEV256GeoTrust $292.21 $1461.05
Multi-DomainOV256Digicert $296.24 $1481.20
TBID Multi-Domain EVEV256GeoTrust $301.63 $1508.15
Multi-Domain EV SSLEV256GeoTrust $314.55 $629.10
Thawte Multi-Domain WildcardOV256Thawte $318.94 $1594.70
TBID Multi-Domain WildcardOV256GeoTrust $324.60 $1623.00
TrueBusinessID EV SANEV256GeoTrust $349.00 $349.00
Digicert EV Multi-DomainEV256Digicert $386.40 $1932.00
SSL Web Sever Multi-DomainDV256Thawte $392.00 $1960.00
Digicert EV Multi-DomainEV256Digicert $414.00 $2070.00
True BusinessIDOV256GeoTrust $420.00 $2100.00
True BusinessID EVEV256GeoTrust $499.00 $499.00
Multi-Domain SSLOV256Digicert $641.92 $3209.60
SecureSite MultiDomainOV256Digicert $977.50 $4887.50
Secure Site Multi-DomainOV256Digicert $1083.37 $5416.85
Secure Site EV Multi-DomainEV256Digicert $2031.50 $10157.50
Secure Site EV Multi-DomainEV256Digicert $2054.45 $10272.25
Enterprise Pro EV Multi-DomainEV256Digicert $2312.80 $11564.00
EnterpriseSSL Pro Multi-DomainEV256Comodo $2351.22 $11756.10
EnterpriseSSL Pro EV MDCEV256Sectigo $2399.20 $11996.00

What is Multi Domain SSL Certificate ?

A Multi Domain SSL certificate, also known as a Subject Alternative Name (SAN) certificate, is a type of SSL certificate that allows you to secure multiple websites with a single certificate. This can be a cost-effective solution for businesses that have multiple websites or subdomains that need to be secured. When you purchase a traditional SSL certificate, it is only valid for a single domain name.

For example, if you have a website called, you would need to purchase a separate SSL certificate for each subdomain, such as or With a Multi Domain SSL certificate, you can secure all of these subdomains and more with a single certificate. This can save you a significant amount of money in SSL certificate cost, as you only need to purchase one certificate instead of multiple.

Multi Domain SSL certificates are available from various certificate authorities, such as DigiCert, GlobalSign, and Comodo. They come in different validation levels, such as Domain Validation (DV), Organization Validation (OV) and Extended Validation (EV) . The prices vary depending on the validation level and the number of domains you want to secure. It's important to compare the prices from different CA's as the multidomain ssl price list can vary.

When it comes to the security aspect, Multi Domain SSL certificate secures multiple websites and subdomains under a single certificate. It encrypts the data transfer between the user's browser and the server, protecting the sensitive information such as login credentials, credit card information, and personal details from hackers. This ensures that the customers' information is kept safe and secure, providing an extra layer of security to your business.

Multi Domain SSL certificate also improves the user experience as visitors will not be presented with security warnings when they navigate to different subdomains of your website. This can increase the trust of your customers and improve the overall user experience.

To use a Multi Domain SSL certificate, you will need to ensure that your DNS is configured correctly. This means that all of the domain names and subdomains that you want to secure should be pointing to the same IP address. You will also need to provide a list of all the domain names and subdomains that you want to secure when you purchase the certificate.

In conclusion, Multi Domain SSL certificates are a cost-effective and convenient solution for businesses that have multiple websites or subdomains that need to be secured. They allow you to secure multiple domain names with a single certificate, saving you money and simplifying the process of managing SSL certificates. It's important to compare the prices and validation levels from different CA's before purchasing a Multi Domain SSL certificate. With the added security and improved user experience, Multi Domain SSL certificate is a must-have for any business looking to keep their websites and their customers' information safe and secure.

Is it possible to add new site to Multi Domain SSL certificate once certificate is issued ?

Yes, you can add a new domain name to your current SAN certificate during the certificate’s lifespan by paying extra cost for additional domains

What Types of Validation SAN SSL Offers?

SAN SSL Offers Domain Validation, Organization Validation and Extended Validation

Can you Add Wildcard Domain in Multi-Domain Certificate?

No, You cannot add Wildcard Domain in Multi-Domain Certificate. For that you need to purchase Multi Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate

About Multi Domain SSL Certificate Comaprsion

A Multi Domain SSL certificate comparison table is a useful tool for comparing the features and pricing of different Multi Domain SSL certificates offered by various certificate authorities (CA). The table typically includes information such as the number of domains that can be secured, the validation level (such as Domain Validation (DV), Organization Validation (OV), or Extended Validation (EV)), the length of time the certificate is valid, and the cost.

The table can also include other features such as the type of encryption used, warranty and refund policies. Our Multi Domain SSL certificate comparison table can help businesses make an informed decision when purchasing a certificate by providing a clear and concise overview of the options available. It can also be used to compare pricing and features between different CA's. By comparing the Multi Domain SSL certificates, businesses can choose the one that best fits their needs and budget.

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