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Port Checker is a free, easy-to-use tool that makes it easy to scan open ports on your computer or remote machine or IP address. Instantly check the status of your ports with our free online port checker tool.

What is a Port ?

A port is a number assigned to uniquely identify a connection endpoint and to direct data to a specific service. It's also used in TCP/IP networking to define the endpoints of a connection, meaning that a single computer can have multiple connections open at the same time. Ports can be thought of as an alternative to IP addresses, since each port has an associated IP address. A common use for ports is to separate traffic between different types of connections (such as ssh vs web traffic). So the IP address for remote access might be, but you may have different ports assigned depending on which service you're accessing. For example, if you're using ssh then it would be port 22 (SSH) or port 80 (HTTP).

The most Common TCP IP Ports are

Port Service Name
20 FTP Data Transfer
21 FTP Control connection
22 SSH
53 DNS
110 POP3
115 SFTP
139 NetBios
445 SMB
587 SMTP
1194 OpenVPN
3306 MySQL
3389 RDP

Security Risks of open Port

An open port is an unused or unblocked port on a computer network. It can be used to attack your computer, steal your data and access your device.

When the service listening on the port is misconfigured, unpatched, vulnerable to exploits, or has poor network security rules, open ports can be dangerous. Open ports are used by attackers to find potential exploits. To accomplish this, attackers frequently rely on port scanning to locate a publicly accessible port.

How to secure risky ports?

  • Ensure that the number of exposed ports on servers is kept to a minimum.
  • Close any ports that are not actively used by your system or server
  • Use firewall to limit port access to specific IP addresses
  • Provide the direct and admin access to only limited people

What is Open Port Checker?

Open Port Check Tool is a free port scanner that checks your computer's or remoter server open ports and lists them in a table. You can use this tool to see which ones are open, as well as closed ones.

An open port is a service that allows communication between two computers. When you cannot connect to a server, it means that either your computer or the server has been blocked by other services.

A closed port is one through which no one can communicate with your system. This could be due to firewalls and antivirus software installed on both sides of the connection being too strict and blocking network traffic, or because there are no applications installed on either side of the connection (for example, if you're using a VPN).

How to use our port checker tool ?

The easiest way to see if the ports on your computer or router are open or not is through the use of a our instant port checker tool

To start,
  • In the first field of the above form, enter the domain name or IP address of the computer or server,
  • In the second field, enter the port. TO check multiple ports, enter the multiple ports separated by comma
  • Click on the "Check" button.Once you have done that, our tool will show the Results in a table, including the open and closed ports.

We hope you have found this tool useful for your daily usage and wish you all the best in your web surfing.