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Total TLDs : 1155 Registrars : 56
TLD Register Registrar Renewal Registrar Transfer Registrar
COM $5.91 Spaceship $8.99 Cosmotown $8.17 Spaceship
IO $32.9 Spaceship $36 Cloudflare $36 Cloudflare
NET $10.1 Cloudflare $10.1 Cloudflare $10.1 Cloudflare
ORG $5.75 Spaceship $9.98 Spaceship $9.68 Spaceship
AI $62.99 Namecheap $68.98 Spaceship $90 101domain
APP $4.98 Spaceship $11.99 Sav $11.99 Sav
BIZ $1.03 Spaceship $13.58 Spaceship $13.58 Spaceship
CO $2.91 Spaceship $22 Cloudflare $21.18 Spaceship
DEV $5.31 Spaceship $10.5 Spaceship $10.16 Spaceship
PRO $1.54 Spaceship $16.18 Cloudflare $16.18 Cloudflare
CLUB $1.98 Spaceship $9.99 Alibabacloud $9.98 Spaceship
XYZ $0.99 Spaceship $7.71 OVH $9.88 Spaceship
CO.UK $1 123Reg $4.68 Spaceship $4.76 Cloudflare
DE $2.9 Porkbun $4.07 Porkbun $4.07 Porkbun
EU $2.14 Porkbun $4.98 Spaceship $4.49 Namesilo
IN $5.11 Spaceship $5.16 Spaceship $5.16 Spaceship
ME $2.93 Spaceship $12.43 Cloudflare $11.99 Moniker
RU $5.88 $7.88 $4 Gandi
UK $1 123Reg $4.76 Cloudflare $4.76 Cloudflare
ART $1.98 Spaceship $13.2 Edomains $9.88 Spaceship
AS $63 Netim $63 Netim $52 Netim
AU $8.47 Rebel $9.88 $9.88
CA $4.56 Spaceship $9.16 Spaceship $8.49 Namesilo
CC $2.98 Spaceship $8 Cloudflare $8 Cloudflare
CO.COM $15.15 Spaceship $20.64 Spaceship $19.99
CO.IN $3.42 Spaceship $3.87 Spaceship $3.87 Spaceship
CZ $8.31 Regtons $8.31 Regtons $8.16 Directnic
DOWNLOAD $2.99 $4.16 Cloudflare $2.99
ES $6.99 Rebel $7 Edomains $0.99 Hostinger
EU.COM $12.59 Namecheap $13.75 Edomains $13.75 Edomains
FR $6.9 Crazydomains $8.59 OVH $7.5 Netim
HK $13.99 Dynadot $18.99 Dynadot $17.95 Epik
ID $13.99 Hostinger $16.99 Hostinger $16.99 Hostinger
IS $32.19 Namecheap $38.38 Namecheap $45.36 Domgate
IT $6.6 Internetbs $6.99 Dynadot $6.5 Netim
PH $22.99 Namesilo $46.44 Porkbun $20.46 MrDomain
PK $34.5 Netim $34.5 Netim $25.92 INWX
PL $3.99 Hostinger $10.8 Maxer $9.99
PM $6.19 OVH $8.59 OVH $7.39 Internetbs
TV $9.98 Spaceship $24.98 Spaceship $24.98 Spaceship
US $0.99 Namecheap $6.48 Spaceship $6.48 Spaceship
WF $6.49 OVH $8.59 OVH $7.39 Internetbs
WTF $1.98 Spaceship $23.16 Spaceship $23.16 Spaceship
WIKI $1.73 Spaceship $19.18 Cloudflare $19.08 Spaceship
RE $6.19 OVH $6.46 BlackNight $6.46 BlackNight
TF $6.49 OVH $8.59 OVH $7.39 Internetbs
YT $6.49 OVH $8.59 OVH $7.39 Internetbs
INFO $1 Ionos $14.9 Edomains $13.16 Spaceship
BLOG $1.99 Spaceship $8.19 Rebel $20.16 Spaceship
CLOUD $1 Ionos $11.9 Maxer $11.9 Maxer
LIVE $1.54 Spaceship $20 Edomains $20 Edomains
ONLINE $1 Ionos $12.99 Hostgator $24.98 Spaceship
SITE $1 Ionos $20.18 Cloudflare $19.81 Spaceship
SPACE $0.96 Spaceship $10.14 UK2 $10.8 Maxer
STORE $1 Ionos $35.66 Namecheap $39.98 Spaceship
TECH $1.53 Spaceship $19.99 Hostgator $35.18 Cloudflare
TOP $0.88 Spaceship $4.03 Cosmotown $3.78 Namesilo
WEBSITE $1 Ionos $12.99 Hostgator $15.18 Cloudflare
WORK $2.25 Spaceship $6.18 Cloudflare $6.08 Spaceship
BAR $1.06 Spaceship $40.26 OVH $49.88 Spaceship
BUZZ $0.96 Dynadot $26.06 Spaceship $26.06 Spaceship
FUN $0.93 Spaceship $12 $15.18 Cloudflare
ICU $0.98 Spaceship $8.8 Hexonet $7.58 Spaceship
LIFE $1.03 Spaceship $24.18 Cloudflare $23.98 Spaceship
MONSTER $1.17 Namecheap $8.27 OVH $9.17 Directnic
PAGE $7.72 Spaceship $8.44 Spaceship $7.99 Namesilo
SHOP $0.97 Spaceship $23 Crazydomains $23 Crazydomains
TOKYO $2.99 Dynadot $10.53 AEserver $10.53 AEserver
VIP $3.09 Spaceship $4.88 Spaceship $4.88 Spaceship
WANG $3.9 Alibabacloud $5.9 Alibabacloud $5.9 Alibabacloud
ACADEMY $12.36 Spaceship $25.18 Cloudflare $24.08 Spaceship
AGENCY $2.12 Spaceship $18.18 Cloudflare $17.98 Spaceship
BERLIN $43.03 Sav $43.03 Sav $42.5 Netim
BEST $0.98 Spaceship $15.66 Spaceship $15.66 Spaceship
CAM $1.68 Spaceship $7.4 Spaceship $7.4 Spaceship
CASA $5.77 Namecheap $6.37 Spaceship $5.98 Spaceship
CENTER $6.39 Spaceship $17.18 Cloudflare $17.18 Cloudflare
CLICK $0.98 Spaceship $8.7 OVH $7.88 Spaceship
COMPANY $3.51 Spaceship $9.17 Hostinger $9.17 Hostinger
CYOU $1 Spaceship $7.19 Hexonet $7.16 Spaceship
DESIGN $3.98 Spaceship $35.18 Cloudflare $35.08 Spaceship
DIGITAL $1.54 Spaceship $14.39 BlackNight $26.88 Edomains
EMAIL $2.94 Spaceship $17.5 Edomains $17.5 Edomains
FIT $1.73 Spaceship $19 Alibabacloud $14.98 Spaceship
GLOBAL $20.08 Spaceship $59.92 Sav $59.92 Sav
GROUP $5.9 Sav $10.63 Edomains $10.63 Edomains
GURU $1.54 Spaceship $26.88 Edomains $26.88 Edomains
HOST $1.06 Spaceship $33.66 Namecheap $64.58 Spaceship
INK $1.73 Spaceship $19.18 Cloudflare $19.17 Spaceship
LINK $0.98 Spaceship $3.46 Truehost $2.99 Namesilo
LONDON $12.56 Spaceship $22 Edomains $22 Edomains
LOVE $4.99 Dreamhost $10.88 OVH $20.18 Cloudflare
LTD $1.98 Spaceship $17.5 Edomains $17.5 Edomains
MEDIA $5.38 BlackNight $26.88 Edomains $26.88 Edomains
NETWORK $2.57 Spaceship $17.5 Edomains $17.5 Edomains
NEWS $5.66 Spaceship $20 Edomains $19.88 Spaceship
NYC $14.94 Spaceship $20.82 Spaceship $20.82 Spaceship
ONE $1.06 Spaceship $9 $7.65 Spaceship
PHOTOGRAPHY $7.21 Spaceship $17.5 Edomains $17.5 Edomains
REST $1.06 Spaceship $19.59 OVH $25.08 Spaceship

What is TLD ?

A top-level domain (TLD) is a crucial component of any website's domain name. It is the suffix at the end of a domain name that helps to identify the type of organization or purpose of the website. Understanding TLDs and what they represent is important for anyone looking to establish an online presence. . Some examples of TLDs include .com (commercial), .org (organization), .net (network), .edu (education), .gov (government), and .mil (military).

Types of TLD

There are several types of top-level domains (TLDs) that are used to classify and organize websites on the internet.

  1. Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs): These are the most widely used TLDs and are not specific to any particular country. They include .com, .net, .info, .biz and .pro. These TLDs are considered as the most trustworthy and well-established TLDs because they have been around for a long time.

  2. Country-Code Top-Level Domains (ccTLDs): It is a type of top-level domain (TLD) that is used to indicate the country or territory to which a website or domain name belongs. CCTLDs are typically based on a country's ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code. Examples include .us for United States, .uk for United Kingdom, .in for India, .io for British Indian Ocean Territory and so on.

  3. Sponsored Top-Level Domains (sTLDs): These TLDs are sponsored by organisations and are intended for particular communities or groups.Examples include .aero for the aviation industry, .museum for museums and .edu for educational institutions.

  4. Infrastructure Top-Level Domains (iTLDs): These TLDs are intended for use by the infrastructure of the internet, such as .arpa and .int.

  5. New Top-Level Domains (nTLDs): These TLDs have been introduced in recent years and are intended to provide more options for domain names and to create new opportunities for businesses and individuals. Examples include .blog, .shop, .app, .online, .xyz, .top and so on.

  6. Special-Use Top-Level Domains (uTLDs): These TLDs are not open to general registration and are reserved exclusively for specific purposes by ICANN. Examples include .example and .invalid

Who manages top-level domains (TLDs) ?

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is responsible for managing the top-level domains (TLDs) on the internet. ICANN is a nonprofit organization that was created in 1998 to oversee the domain name system (DNS) and ensure its stability and security.

ICANN's responsibilities include:

  1. Coordinating the assignment and allocation of TLDs to guarantee their originality and avoid duplication..

  2. Developing and implementing TLD registration and management policies.

  3. Accrediting and supervising registrars, which are the organizations that sell and manage TLDs on behalf of ICANN.

  4. Operating the Root Zone Database, which is the authoritative source of information on TLDs and the domain names within them.

  5. Ensuring the security and stability of the DNS by implementing measures such as DNSSEC, which is a security protocol for the DNS.

  6. Acting as a liaison between governments, the technical community, and other stakeholders to ensure the smooth functioning of the DNS.

By managing TLDs, ICANN plays a crucial role in ensuring the stability and security of the internet, and facilitating the growth and development of the digital economy.

How to choose a right tld for your website ?

Choosing the right top-level domain (TLD) for your website is a major decision that can have a significant impact on the success of your online presence. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a TLD for your website:

  1. Branding: Your TLD can have an impact on the credibility and trustworthiness of your brand. Choosing a .com TLD is generally seen as more professional and established than a newer TLD.

  2. Target audience: If your website targets a specific geographic region, then a country-code TLD (ccTLD) such as .us for United States, .uk for United Kingdom, .ca for Canada and so on may be more appropriate.

  3. SEO: Some TLDs may be more advantageous for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes. For example, using a .com TLD may be more beneficial for SEO than using a newer TLD.

  4. Availability: Availability of the TLD is also an important factor to consider. Some TLDs are more popular and therefore harder to register, while others may have restrictions on who can register them.

  5. Purpose: Different TLDs have different intended uses. For example, .edu is intended for educational institutions, .gov for government agencies, .museum for museums and so on. Choosing a TLD that matches up to the purpose of your website can increase its credibility.

  6. Future plans: Consider your future plans for the website, if you plan to expand your business to other countries or regions you might want to consider a more generic TLD, such as .com.

  7. Cost: TLDs can vary in cost, with some being more expensive than others. It's important to consider the cost of a TLD and how it fits into your budget. To compare TLD prices, you can use our TLD price list table. These lists typically provide information on the cost of different TLDs from various registrars. By comparing prices from different registrars, you can find the best deal for the TLD you want to register

By considering these factors, you can choose a TLD that best suits your needs and enhances the credibility and visibility of your website.

How to register a a top-level domain ?

Registering a top-level domain (TLD) involves several steps, including choosing a TLD, selecting a registrar, and providing the necessary information and payment. Here is a general overview of the process of registering a TLD:

  1. Choose a TLD: Decide on the TLD that best suits your needs and is available for registration. You can check the availability of TLDs by searching for them on a domain name registrar's website or using a domain name search tool.

  2. Select a registrar: Choose a registrar that is accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to sell and manage TLDs. Some popular registrars include GoDaddy, Namecheap, and Porkbun.

  3. Provide contact (WHOIS) information: You will be required to provide your contact information, including your name, address, phone number, and email address. This information will be used to register your domain name and will be publicly available in the WHOIS database.

  4. Choose the registration period: TLDs are typically renewed on an annual basis, so you must select the length of time you want to register the domain name.

  5. Make payment: You will be required to pay the registration fee, which varies depending on the TLD and registrar. Most registrars accept credit cards and PayPal.

  6. Verify the information: Review the information you have provided to ensure that it is correct.

In conclusion, the cost of a top-level domain (TLD) can vary depending on the TLD and registrar.Our TLD price list table can be a useful tool for comparing the costs of different TLDs and finding the best option for your budget. It's important to note that the prices of TLDs can change over time, and may vary depending on the registration period and renewal fees.

Additionally, it's always recommended to check with the registrar for the most up-to-date pricing and to consider other factors, such as the TLD's intended use and its impact on branding and SEO, before making a final decision. Understanding the different types of TLDs and their prices can help you make an informed decision and create a successful online presence.